Around Ambler, 5/20/21:
No surprises in the primary election in Ambler

CBS Philly, 11/10/19:
Abington Township Dedicates New War Memorial Park

The Times Herald, 7/1/19:
MontCo 100% Clean Energy Conference Provides Green Options

Ambler Gazette, 3/26/19:
Ambler Commits to Switch to Renewable Energy


Around Ambler, 11/07/18:
Sgt. Robert Hoffman Appointed as New Ambler Borough Police Chief

Chief Robert Hoffman

Facebook Slideshow, 9/19/18:
Ambler Borough Parks and Rec holds Swing Dedication

Ambler Gazette, 7/8/18:
LETTER: Ambler council should seek police force that reflects borough

Ambler Gazette, 4/23/18:
Ambler urges PA to pass Firearm Regulations

Ambler Gazette, 1/11/18:
Ambler Borough Council Welcomes New Members


Montgomery County, November 7, 2017:
Click Here for Official Election Results

Around Ambler, November 3:
Ambler Borough Candidates Participate in Candidate Forum

Around Ambler, October 28:
Ambler Borough Council: Candidate Profiles

Ambler Gazette, October 25:
ELECTION 2017: 8 vie for 5 Ambler Borough Council Seats
In their own words: Candidates speak to their qualifications, priorities

Ambler Gazette, September 29:
Letter: DiPietro for Ambler Borough Council

“To the Editor:

This is a letter to the third ward voters of Ambler Borough. Nellie DiPietro is running for council and I feel compelled to write this and let people know what a kind-hearted person she is. I am a neighbor of Nellie’s and we used to see each other and share our love of animals. I got very sick and she heard about my illness.

She came to my home and said she would help me, because she knew I could no longer walk and care for my beloved dog. First she took my dog to see if he got along with her two dogs, then she had to see if he could use and fit through the doggie door. When everything was right she took him to her home where he is today. I am and remain astonished by her kindness.

If Nellie did this for a neighbor in need, can you imagine what she will do for the people in Ambler? She restores my faith in People.

Hope Moffitt

Lincoln Investment, May 19:aw community news, May 12:
Ambler Borough Council Candidate Questionnaire

Ambler Gazette, April 27, 2017:
9 Democrats seek 5 Seats on Ambler Borough Council

Treevitalize, 11/16/19
EAC Treevitalize Program – 11/16/19 – Photo by CM Raines