Democratic Ideals

Thanks to Georgia, I wrote this Wish List – before the Insurrection. Let’s see how much we can do in the first 100 days, then first 2 years of the Biden/Harris Administration:

  1. Return to Paris Climate Accord, WHO, etc.
  2. $2000 stimulus checks & renewal of CARES Act
  3. Extend & increase all COVID supports
  4. Federal guidelines for COVID, Vaccine rollout, etc.
  5. A Version of The Green New Deal:
  6. Student Debt Forgiveness
  7. Increased Minimum Wage
  8. DACA Enforcement
  9. Improvements to the Affordable Care Act  
  10. Cement Pro-Choice legislation 
  11. Common Sense Gun Laws
  12. Pack the Courts with Progressives
  13. Abolish the Electoral College
  14. Return of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (preferably hosted by Stephen Colbert) & real press briefings!
  15. Imprisonment of 45 and family   
  16. Ban confederate flags and monuments
  17. Destroy neo-nazi/white supremacist groups
  18. Create long-term limits for congresspeople and supreme court judges
  19. Pass laws to counteract every crack Trump stormed through
  20. Tax Amazon & Facebook; Regulate FB & Twitter
  21. Teach debate, civics, & A People’s History in all public elementary schools
  22. Repeal Citizens United, and Corporate Personhood
  23. Cap campaign spending
  24. Police & Immigration Reform
  25. Modern Voting Rights Act
  26. DC and PR Statehood:

January 21, 2021 Addendum: all-of-president-bidens-key-executive-orders-in-one-chart