My Get Out the Vote Speech

@ Protestors’ Rights and Networking Rally @ Norristown Courthouse Grounds on 8/16/20

5 Minute Video

“Hello everyone and thank you for coming out today, in this less than perfect weather – but at least it’s not a heat wave. Thanks to Sheridan, Sefi, and Amanda.

My name is Nellie DiPietro and I’m on Ambler Borough Council; I’m also a committee person for the Wissahickon Democrats. I helped them update their website last winter, to prepare for this November. Last November I judged an election, and I was a Poll Watcher before that. This year I sorted mail-in ballots, and signed up to work the polls on November third – even though I myself will be voting by mail like I did a few months ago. I’ve also brought my boyfriend and my son to numerous protests over the years – as a kindof recruiting strategy. And it worked so i highly recommend it.

Btw I voted for Bernie in the last 2 primaries, then wholeheartedly supported Hillary.

After the fateful results of that election, I ran off to Standing Rock because I couldn’t face my conservative family that Thanksgiving (I can face them now, and I encourage you to do the same – make sure everyone you know has a viable plan to vote this year). But what an inspiring camp! The indiginous people of Standing Rock taught me so much about how to peacefully protest in the face of incredible odds. It requires a level of self-discipline and spirituality I’d never experienced before. And they won alot – not everything, but alot. So Water Is Life, along with Black Lives Matter!

When I came back a local committee person started asking me to run for office – and I kept saying “No Thanks” – until I went to DC for the Women’s March of 2017. It was really moving and I had to do something, so I did my research and got on the ballot – and the rest is history!

I’ve learned so much through the whole process – and being on Council is quite eye-opening. My focus has been on sustainability, police accountability, and now – mitigating the effects of Covid-19. Most elected officials love to hear from their constituents, and we’re inspired by your work, your protests, your emails, and your phone calls. So please keep at it.

I’m here today to share with you my obsession with this election, and I’m asking for your help. If you haven’t already, please consider working the polls – in a socially distant manner – to lighten the load of our older neighbors, who might not be able to participate so fully this time around. You can offer to sort mail-in ballots right here in Norristown, or join your local Democratic Committee. Because let’s face it – there is NO third party option this year. And it’s a fight for our very lives. For democracy as we know it. For those less fortunate than us, and for those too young to vote. 

So my friends, the time is now! Let’s give the next 3 months our all – like women suffragettes did 100 years ago. They fought throughout their own pandemic – and won the right to vote in August –  then the country had to be ready to count twice as many ballots by that November election. WE CAN DO IT TOO – AND WE MUST!

Please come to my table afterwards so we can chat, register to vote, or apply for a mail-in ballot. Then run for something next year.

Here’s a big thank you to today’s organizers Sefi and Sheridan! And thank you for your time.”