Ambler’s EAC Helps Me

Ambler’s Environmental Advisory Council has educated me and helped me improve my home immensely over the years. They planted a shade tree in my front lawn, across from the lovely rain garden they helped install. They gave me a large rain barrel for my backyard, and installed a downspout planter off my garage. Now almost all the rain that falls on my property remains there (except my non-permeable driveway, and if the rain barrel overflows). This decreases the quantity of water flowing into storm drains and increases the quality of water entering Wissahickon Creek.

If you would like a rain garden, rain barrel, downspout planter, or permeable pavers – funded by the Growing Greener Grant – please go to this link and follow their lead:

The level of consistent, creative, challenging work our EAC volunteers put forth year after year is inspiring. Their events, like Earth Days and EAC Conferences, helped me find my solar panel installers (Exact Solar) and the Ready for 100 campaign. The EAC team are not just my neighbors, but also my friends.

On this, one of the hottest days of summer so far, it’s safe to say my panels are happy, but my grass and garden could use a drink. 🙂

7/6/20 update: Now it’s pouring and my lights are flickering. No worries since my solar battery will kick on automatically if needed!