COVID-19 Curve

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you or the ones you love.

In this time of profound uncertainty, I’d like to take a moment to thank our local business and legislative leaders for insisting on social distancing, and figuring out ways to help people protect their friends, family, and neighbors who may have a hard time fighting Coronavirus disease – 2019 (aka COVID-19).

Essential services have always included public transportation, laundromats, sanitation workers, farmers, grocers, caregivers, social workers, teachers, etc., but they haven’t always gotten the respect they deserve. The same can also be said for nurses, pharmacists, scientists, peace officers, fire departments, and the National Guard. Their sacrifice is exceptional.

Everyone is getting creative: parents, churchgoers, journalists, doctors, psychologists, etc. But a great deal of that innovation is based on the internet, and I worry about those with limited access. There’s plenty to worry about right now: employment, markets, politics, relationships, hunger, hygiene, etc. And only so much can be solved by Zoom.

You are important and your needs are paramount. The more your needs are met, the better equipped you are to help others. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you or the ones you love.

We’re destined to feel the whole gamut of emotions many times on this journey, and that gives me pause. I don’t want to upset anyone or judge anything too harshly, but those waters are harder to navigate these days. Some of us will face extremely difficult decisions before these quarantines are over. Most of us will survive. Few of us will thrive.

I pray for this world of ours, from our smallest municipalities to the largest nation-states, and all the woods, water, and wildlife in between. I pray I do no harm. I pray every person who wants to stay sober, safe, and sane remains so. I pray we love ourselves and show each other gentleness. I pray those guns people bought will not be used for any reason whatsoever. I pray for our ability to cope in the face of incredible odds. I know we can rise to this unprecedented occasion.

I’m thankful this is not a World War situation, though there are some striking similarities. I appreciate facts and funny memes, and avoid unsolicited opinions. I sympathize with the losses people are experiencing, both large and small. I wonder how other cultures are managing this situation. I look forward to our lessons-learned sessions when we’re all on the other side of this curve.

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