Lucky Few

At Rep. Mary Jo Daly’s Environmental Town Hall Thursday night, a neighbor asked me what I meant by “lucky few” in the Ambler Gazette when I said “I intend to make sure our decisions are based on the prosperity of all residents, rather than a lucky few.” I meant people like me. I’m a healthy, educated, privileged white mom with enough time on my hands to get involved in politics. What a luxury!

I’m also lucky enough to be able to tell all the social anxiety I’ve ever had in my entire life to be quiet – there’s too much work to do. And it turns out I’ve gotten more support than I even thought possible! I’m deeply humbled by everyone’s kindness and will do my best to return the favor.


The community meetings & classes I attend are enlightening and the conversations we’re having are priceless. Canvassing (for me rather than someone else) has been a real learning experience for me too.

But I’ve signed up for so many groups since November, the emails and phone calls are out of control! To the Democratic Party, I can’t donate to you and run my own campaign at the same time. To the animal rights groups, I’m taking care of 5 adopted pets at the moment. To the legal defense funds and environmental organizations, you’re flush with cash right now and I know where to find you. No offense though, you know I love you.

And to the Trump-Pence people, I’m on your list to learn, not contribute. You, believe it or not, are lucky too.